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In line with our Vision/Mission Statement, we have created a window that will allow you join force with us in moving God’s work to a greater height. Find below the categories of partners we have. You can choose to belong to one, more than one or all of the categories.


GRACE PARTNER: This partner is one who supports our Online and On-ground Ministries. The support given will be used for the maintenance of the Church’s Website as well as for Crusades and Outreaches. It will help us reach out to more souls in dire need of God irrespective of distance.

MOUNT OF HOPE PARTNER: This partner is one who supports our Television and Radio Ministries so as to enable us reach out to people of different cultures, backgrounds and status.

BEAUTIFUL FEET PARTNER: This partner is one who supports the production and publication of our SINCERE MILK DEVOTIONAL. The devotional will help people understand God’s Word in bits and pieces.

GREATER GLORY PARTNER: This partner is one who supports our Welfare Ministry. This support will be used to assist those in dire need of welfare.

PRAYING PARTNER: This partner is one who supports us with prayers. You can join force and faith with us to tender the requests of men to God and bring down God’s power through prayers.

UNIVERSAL PARTNER: This partner is one who will support the Church at any point in time it has a project she is embarking on.

There is power in unity. On our own, we can do great things; with you, we can do greater things. Partnering with us isn't burdensome as THERE ARE NO PRICE TAGS. You are FREE to partner with whatever amount you are led to. Join us in taking the proclamation of God’s Word as far as possible. Become our Partner today by completing the form below. God bless you.


SELECT THE TYPE OF PARTNER YOU WANT TO BECOME (you can select more than one):