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Your primary purpose is the governing force in your life. The secondary purposes will make you popular before the world but will make God weep over your life if that is all you are doing. The Church has got into so many things that the primary purposes for which Jesus established her had been left behind. If you will do the work of God effectively and receive a reward, you must go back to the primary purpose(s). It will be a shocking reality when people get to heaven to render the account of their stewardship, and the master asks them, “Did I ask you to do all that?” We must not be lost in secondary purpose(s) and miss the primary purpose(s) of God for the Church.

God had something in mind when He established the Church. When He called you, there was a primary purpose in His heart, but as you begin to move on, many things will come out - those are the secondary things and they must not distract you from God’s main charge to you.

The Apostles in the book of Acts understood this concept perfectly when they said, “…it is not reason that we should leave the word of God and serve tables.” That is to say, there is no wisdom in leaving the ministry of the word to focus mainly on a feeding program. [Acts 6:1-6] They were able to separate clearly their primary purpose from their secondary purpose. Both programs are good but one takes precedence over the other. Never abandon primary purpose(s) to serve secondary purpose(s).