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The progressive nature of time ensures that no matter what happens, life does not stop - not for anyone, not for anything. It is in this same reality striking context that we can also see how helpful this is to us. A major perspective is PAIN – an inevitable experience that we all face at one or more point(s) in our lives. If you've not experienced pain before, then brace yourself because it is coming. Time will make sure of it. Problem is, many people come to this crossroads and end up getting stuck there, unable to make decisions or move forward.

Why do people get stuck in pain? The answer is simple. They do not understand that just like everything else, pain is not the end. Pain has never been the ultimate end result - it has and will always be a process (or mechanism) that leads to an end or expected result. The most relatable instance we can use here would be a pregnant woman about to deliver a child. Does she nurse a child for nine months only to experience labour “pain” as the climax of her delivery process? Of course not. The pain always leads to something and most times, the outcome of that pain depends on tenacity and understanding.

While so many people remain stuck in their pain experience, life keeps moving on. They will need to catch up because after the pain, comes the gain and time isn't waiting for anyone. That pain you're going through in silence is channelling and preparing you for something big. Never forget the bigger picture. Don't get stuck in your pain. Don't get stuck in your past. Move on. Overcome. Grow!