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When God created you, He created you with a will which can either be your greatest asset or liability. You will be held accountable for what you choose to do with your will. God will not force you to do anything, instead, He will guide you, give you information, facts and every enablement you need to recognize right choices. If you choose to go wrong, He will also protect your right to be wrong. You have a right to go to heaven or hell as a human being. You have a right to either succeed or fail. Every human being has equal rights; nobody has a greater right than another person. The son of a pauper has the same rights to success as the son of a billionaire. A black man has the same right to success as a white man; it’s just that the way we exercise those rights is different one to another. Choices will confront us and choices have consequences. We pay for the choices we make. The person that makes the choice has the right to either the blessings or the punishment that comes from it.

When Jesus called His disciples from their respective duty posts, they had the right of choice to have rejected the offer to work with Jesus but they chose otherwise. Peter confronted Jesus on a particular occasion demanding to know what the profit of abandoning everything to follow Him (Jesus) will be. Jesus replied him saying, everyone that have left houses, family, business for my sake and that of the kingdom shall have 100% reward here on earth and eternal life in the world to come. [Luke 18:29-30] Now, that is the power of your will. What have you chosen? You can choose your future today by the sacrifices you are willing to pay. Have you made your choice?

You can choose to prosper; you can choose to live; you can choose to serve God; you can choose to be a good husband; you can choose to be a great father; you can choose to be a blessed child; you can choose to be a wonderful wife and mother; you can choose to be God’s choicest vessel and you can also choose to be the devil. The choice is yours - make it now!