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Divine help is when God gives support to a man so as to enable him accomplish a goal. Sometimes, God will require the man to hands off completely for Him (God) to do it Himself. At other times, He requires that the man co-operates with Him to get the work done. Whichever way God's help shows up, every man will need it to become anything tangible in life.

Man can help you only to the limits of his strength and it is important to note that every man has limited strength and capacity. It is only God's strength and capacity that is inexhaustible.

God has to help a man for the man to help a fellow man. Therefore, life is practically difficult without God's help. You can't afford not to enlist for His help. No man will ever grow above help. All men will always need help somewhere in life. Even Jesus in all His infallibility needed God's help to navigate His ministry successfully - Matthew 4:11.

Elijah, after great exploit at Mount Carmel, thought everything was all right only to be seriously harassed by Jezebel. He was so frustrated and worn out that he demanded for God to take his life. But in the midst of that, God knew that what he needed was HELP so He sent him help in form of strength - 1 Kings 18:2-8.

Frustration and anguish awaits any man who thinks he would never need God's help. There are some who believe God can help them but are not sure if He wants to help them. NOTE THIS: God is ever able and willing to help.

Some people have problems and reasons to come to God but they will not. Some have ceased to cry to God claiming they've cried enough and God is not paying attention. As much as God wants to help you, He also wants you to ask for it and continually ask with faith until you get your answers.

There are two ways the help of God can locate a man:
1. God Himself going to the helpless to raise him/her - Luke 5:1-10; 7:11-15; John 5:1-8.
2. The man needing help going to God - Mark 10:46-52; 2 Kings 4:1-7.

In which ever way, God's help will locate you today!